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Mr. Dude: King of the Hill is an action game where you play the famous criminal, Mr. Dude. You’re escaping from the cops and end up on the top of a mountain, where residents are living and ready to hand you over to the police. Knock out and throw these residents off the cliff and conquer the mountain! There are different objects that you can use as a weapon, throw and swing at your opponents. Grab some food to refill your health bar. With various enemies and interactive ragdoll characters, this game will bring a lot of fun to you!

Tag: 3D, Action, Fighting, Physics, Ragdoll

WASD / arrow keys = movement
Space = jump, wake up
F = pick up an item
G = eat food
E = climb
Q = inventory
Left-click = hit / throw / shot
Right-click = aim
1, 2 = switch items

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