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Rich vs Zombies is one of the most fun and exciting Minecraft and 3D zombie shooter games you can find on the Internet. Play as Rich; a character inspired by the famous Steve, who, dressed in an expensive suit jacket, will have to fight against waves of undead ready to exterminate the entire human population.

At first, you will only have a small pistol with limited ammunition totally free, once you start to accumulate kills up your sleeve you will earn money with which to buy other increasingly powerful and ruthless weapons, such as assault rifles or shotguns with a long range. Jump, dodge dangers, fight with all your energy against the most bloodthirsty opponents you can imagine and improve your skills until you don’t leave a single one alive on the stage. Good luck!

Tag: 3D, Action, Blocks, Gun, Minecraft, Shooting, Zombie

WASD to move. Space to jump. Shift to run.
Mouse to aim and shoot.

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