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Shell Shockers, also referred to as, is a 3D multiplayer egg-based shooter. In the game, you fight against other online gun-toting eggs.

In There are 6 types of eggs (classes, if you will) that the player can choose from. Eggsploder is particularly good at blowing things up with a rocket laucher, Crackshot is a master of covert operations and sniper rifle kills. Other classes include a conventional Soldier as well as Scrambler, Whipper and Ranger – each with their set of skills, arsenal and unique perks. Shotguns, automatic rifles, machine guns and other tools of destruction should be utilized to the player’s advantage depending on the situation: while it is definitely tempting to stick to heavy weaponry, sometimes it is not wise to do so in confined spaces. A shotgun is very powerful but only works well at shorter distances. Experiment with different weaponry to optimize your strategy and defeat your enemies.

Tag: Action, Fighting, Gun, Io, Multiplayer, Shooting

Use W, A, S and D keys to walk around
Click the Left Mouse Button to attack
Press E to switch between weapons
Press Q to throw a grenade
Press R to reload your current gun
Press Space to jump
Hold Shift to aim down sights

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